Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin

Asbestos Removal in Austin, TX

Everybody knows that exposure to asbestos can be horrible, and due to the fact that a large number of the buildings around Austin Texas are older, getting asbestos removal done the right way is crucial.

Professional Asbestos Removal Services in Austin, Texas

Testing is the first step, and calling a professional company such as us is definitely the way you want to go. The risk of mesothelioma is too great to risk your own health and life just trying to save a few bucks. After we carry out our survey and put away the test kits, it’s time to start the process of removing the sheets from your home or office wherever they are encountered. From stucco ceilings all the way to the roof, we dig it all out.

Some older buildings even have floor tiles made of the stuff! Terrifying, isn’t it? The reason for this is that asbestos is naturally flame retardant, and that’s why you find it sprayed on drywall and all sorts of other locations. The sad thing is that when this deadly material was in common use, nobody ever imagined it could cause cancer.


It was also commonly used as insulation since it could be easily applied in areas that were not quickly accessible by the Fire Department. For this reason, the abatement process can require a very deep combing of the inner walls and ceilings of every building that requires testing. While the cost of such thorough work can be a little bit more expensive due to the pure amount of hours worked, it’s an absolutely crucial part of living in a healthy environment and can save lives.

Even minor areas such as popcorn ceilings can be composed of asbestos, being sprayed in place not only to give what was a stylish look for the time, but also to provide a damper against fire hazards. Even taking off this fine layer requires proper equipment to avoid lung disease, and the clean-up process in the instances where asbestos is detected can easily be just as delicate to carry out.


The good news is that we understand that price is something that everyone is conscious of, and we always try to do our best to give an idea of the overall quote over the phone. Due to the individual nature of each project, sometimes replacement drywall, acoustic ceilings, or even textured paint is necessary to leave an area looking better than it did when we started. For these reasons, we can’t guarantee a price until we physically step foot in the property itself.

As you can imagine, removing the affected area leaves even more work to do in order to get the property back in a livable condition, without holes in the wall and all sorts of crazy mess everywhere. That’s when our other services come into play, such as drywall repair and installation. We can also create any type of finish on a surface, from a knockdown style effect all the way to an orange peel look.