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Professional Asbestos Removal Services in Austin, Texas

What Does Asbestos Testing Entail?

The asbestos testing process is simple and usually involves a surveyor visiting the property to collect samples of the suspected material. It entails taking away a small quantity of the material, which is then used for asbestos testing in the laboratory using separate specialist microscopes to check if asbestos is available in the material and what asbestos types are available.



Generally speaking, there are three common asbestos types: Crocidolite (blue asbestos), Amosite (brown asbestos), and Chrysotile (white asbestos). The term “Asbestos Containing Materials” (ACM’s) encompasses all asbestos materials, and it’s usual for there to be more than a single type of asbestos in a specified material. Generally, asbestos testing or sampling of a specific material is known as “bulk sampling” in most cases. Once a visit to the property has been done, the laboratory will report on all samples taken with a certificate of analysis issued.



Asbestos testing as a separate service is quite different from asbestos surveying in that it focuses more on results with a certificate confirming or denying the availability of asbestos via microscopy analysis. Instead, an asbestos survey also interprets the findings and offers recommendations. Each sample is sent to an accredited laboratory for testing to eliminate any conflict of interest. Typically, results are available within 48 hours, displaying either a positive or negative outcome for the availability of asbestos and the asbestos type.



How to Choose an Asbestos Testing Company

Companies that work with asbestos provide a range of services nowadays, which both businesses and residents can gain from. It includes services such as inspections and surveys, removal of the material, waste collection, and safe disposal of this harmful material. Another essential service provided is an asbestos testing service, which plays a vital role in determining the degree of any asbestos issue so that the best course action can be taken.



A reliable company should provide a very swift yet very professional and effective asbestos testing service. With their assistance, you won’t need to wait around to have the tests carried out at your particular property. In fact, a good company should deliver a standard turnaround of only 48 hours on their testing to minimize the waiting time involved. Additionally, they should be able to deliver a 24-hour turnaround if you want faster results. It would be best if they also had an emergency sampling service where you could get the results on that same day.



In general, the sampling and testing are performed in situations where a full asbestos survey isn’t deemed necessary, e.g., in places where there are issues about a small area instead of a building. In such a case, a small sample is collected from any place of suspicion and is taken from a discreet section to have minimal aesthetic damage. Then, that sample is sent off for analysis to an accredited laboratory where the actual testing occurs.

If you suspect a particular material to contain asbestos or need advice on asbestos-containing substances, consider hiring a company.