Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin

Drywall Repair in Austin, TX

So did that Super Bowl party get a little too rowdy? Did you knock a hole so large in your drywall that a little mud just won’t do the trick? 

Well lucky for you, we’ve got the boys and the toys to get the job done.

Professional Drywall Repair Services in Austin, Texas

Austin Popcorn Ceiling Removal not only does the very thing that the name implies, we also know very well how to repair sheetrock like pros. That’s right, no need to call a handyman! As long as we’re there doing what we do best, you can simply ask about our prices and we’ll tack it onto your bill! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, huh?

When things get a little crazy, you can count on us to patch up even the most heinous of holes in your walls. And did we mention that we do textures as well?

That means we can cover up just about anything, and yes that even includes that awful floral print wallpaper that looks like your grandma picked it out. (Nothing against granny, but times have changed!)


The interesting part actually comes after patching up a tear in your wall or ceiling, and we can carefully match any type of textures that are found in your home or office. We’ve got the tools to take care of the toughest jobs, and you don’t even have to break a sweat. Give us a call, we’ll bring the plaster and scrapers, and it’s a done deal!

For those times when you don’t feel like getting down on your hands and knees, getting spackle and compound all over the place and then worrying about the paint color after that, we’re here for you! We won’t lie, it’s difficult! But we’re professionals at what we do, and offer specialized services especially suited to deal with these situations. If it isn’t done right, we don’t leave the job site.


One of the things that the unversed deal with after lifting and placing a new piece of gypsum board into place and screw it into the wall is hiding the joint! While we love the DIY community, we also feel their pain and save people all the time after biting off more than they can chew! For that reason, we take this service very seriously, because a house can easily be marred by even a small amount of damage.

Doing drywall repair yourself can be a real pain in the butt, and while you can easily watch a few tutorial videos on YouTube and rock and roll… We definitely understand those situations where you might want to leave it to the pros. Either way, we’re here for you with specialty services to make your life easier!