Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin

Wallpaper Removal Services in Austin, TX

Tired of looking at that dirty old wallpaper? Removing it yourself with a scraper and a little elbow grease can be an extremely difficult task, and that’s why we love doing if for our customers!

Professional Wallpaper Removal Services in Austin, Texas

There are two things that can really drive you crazy when redoing your living room, foyer or hallway… And that’s popcorn ceiling removal and taking off wallpaper. Typically, you want to wet the surface first with a sprayer, wait a little while, and then (carefully) start peeling it away with your bare hands.

As you can imagine, this often creates a real big mess, as well as having to burn up your cell phone battery watching endless YouTube videos. It’s a huge headache, and we make it a breeze while offering a low cost service to our clients.

We’ve got the tools needed to do amazing work, as well as the crew to make your life much easier than trying DIY methods!

What’s even worse, if you don’t know how to remove this sticky stuff the right way, you’re looking at some real damage being done to your drywall! Not to mention the possibility of yanking a big chunk of your wall out and tumbling down the stairway…

Bathrooms are often often wallpapered, and as you can imagine we take a lot of that out as well. Nurseries also become outmoded as a child grows, and families typically want to renovate these areas into normal bedrooms or even guest rooms.


Every now and then, we also encounter asbestos or other outdated acoustic materials in the walls. As you can imagine, this presents a whole different type of problem, and must be dealt with immediately. Stucco walls are even (on rare occasions) found under a clump of spackle and paper!

We know it sounds crazy, but it’s happened before.